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HomePerks is the next generation‌ of utility call transfer programs. HomePerks takes call transfer programs to the next level by reducing consumer stress during their move. As an omnichannel solution, HomePerks enables utilities to reach their customers through analog, digital, social, and traditional media with timely messages and assistance which solve immediate consumer problems. HomePerks improves customer satisfaction while simultaneously generating new revenue opportunities for utilities.

HomePerks is founded on the belief that the utility service start order is more than just a point-in-time event offering the opportunity to sell the customer additional services. This significant life change is one life’s top five stressors and presents an opportunity for the utility provider to join the customer on their life journey.

HomePerks partners with industry leaders to offer timely, relevant tips, advice, and offers at the time of the move and for months and years to come. This engagement starts with a comprehensive mover journey that helps consumer in the pre-move and post-move. This interaction, though email, social media, and traditional media, develops into a long-term, welcome relationship between HomePerks, the utility and the customer.

HomePerks is focused on how to improve customer engagement not just for now but for the future. If you are interested in partnering, please contact us.