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Twin cellular and Wi-Fi connections run in parallel, ensuring the user’s home is monitored even if their home phone line is disabled or Wi-Fi downed. Base Station is also reinforced with a backup battery that engages during power outages to supply continuous power for up to 24 hours. SmashSafe™ technology makes sure that a home’s alarm signal reaches the authorities even if an intruder destroys the Base Station, Siren or Keypad. Over-the-air updates offer seamless software upgrades in seconds. Glassbreak & Motion Sensors have been precisely calibrated using three-phase detection algorithms and advanced data modeling. Glassbreak Sensors can differentiate between a smashed plate and a broken window. Motion Sensors are tuned to detect people and ignore pets.


  • Home Security. Done Right.
  • The two-time winner of CNET's Editors' Choice for Home Security, protecting over 2 million.
  • Exceptional protection at fair prices.
  • Designed to disappear in the home and more Intuitive than ever
  • 60 Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • No contracts, no gotchas, no hidden anything, ever.

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