Moving Tools


Pre-Move Checklist

The FREE HomePerks Pre-Move Checklist covers everything you need to simplify your move before the big day. The Checklist also contains useful tips and resources on how to make your move easier. Download the ultimate moving guide for a stress-free relocation.

  • Comprehensive guide for ramping up to the big move day
  • Printable for easy use
  • Includes tips and to make your move smooth and easy

Download Pre-Move Checklist


Post-Move Checklist

The FREE HomePerks Post-Move Checklist guides you through the tasks and jobs that to be accomplished after move day. The Checklist includes tips of what items are best unpacked first, what services to make sure you have switched over, and how to start making your new place feel like home.

  • Everything you need to know for the days after the move
  • Printable for easy use
  • Keep track of post move tasks to help you settle into your new home

Download Post-Move Checklist